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Player Intro: 2019 PG Marquise Walker

10/27/2015, 4:00pm EDT
By Dylan Prezkop

Meet one of the nation's best 2019 PGs

INDIANAPOLIS, In. -- Marquise Walker is known for a highly publicized move to Bowling Green, KY for his eighth grade, solely for the purpose of playing varsity basketball for a year. Fast forward a year later and he has settled back into life in Chicago and is firmly on the radar as one of the nation's best 2019 point guards at the current time.

He killed the MiddleSchoolHoops camp this weekend, showing off his game at a high level. His blow-by moves are second to none and he is extremely hard to stay in front of. His jumpshot is pure and he makes a large majority of his shots from deep.

He was forced to score almost every time he got the ball during camp and didn't get the chance to showoff his all around point guard packages, but it was definitely there in flashes. He added that he feels like he really needs to bring consistency to his game, including both playing consistent from game-to-game and play-to-play.

Marquise told me that he really enjoyed living in Kentucky for a year because it allowed him to experience a different style of the game, along with the fact he got to experience things in Kentucky that just don't take place in Chicago. He did however, feel confident that he was one of the best players in the state as an 8th grader, a statement that may not too far-fetched when you really think about it.

But alas he has returned to Chicago and enrolled at St. Joseph High School and is preparing for the season. He's had a lot of fun getting to experience high school and high school basketball pre-season, but is definitely ready to hit the court. 

When asked who he models his game after, he gave a very unique answer: Sherron Collins, one of his favorite players. Bucking the trend of modeling after star NBA players, Marquise understood that Sherron was one of the best college guards of the last decade, not to mention that they are of similar physical stature, and felt like he has learned a lot from watching him. 

He is currently gaining interest from some big time schools, including LSU, Baylor, Florida State, Texas A&M, DePaul, and West Virginia. None of these schools have offered at the moment, but according to his dad are showing "heavy interest" in Marquise. 

Although it is hard to maintain a high-ranking status throughout an entire high school career, Marquise looks to be a player who will enter and exit high school as a highly ranked point guard nationally. We look forward to tracking the progress of this excellent young man throughout his high school career.


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