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Ballin in the Bluegrass 2019 Recap

05/28/2019, 8:15pm EDT
By Next Up Recruits Staff

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LEXINGTON, Ky. -- The last weekend of May is always a good one, both because it is Memorial Day and the end of the spring AAU season. The 1st annual Coast 2 Coast “Ballin In The Bluegrass” Memorial Day event went down at the Kentucky Basketball Commission in Lexington, KY. We watched the older age groups which included 9th – 11th grade teams (15-17U) and were impressed with the number of talented players that were there. As follows is SOME of what our staff saw throughout the weekend:

17U Division

CKY Magic – Morton – 11th Grade Champions  

Amari Taylor – 2020 G – Tates Creek (KY)
At 6’3 with a 6’7 wingspan, Taylor has a silky-smooth jumper and can get where he wants off the dribble. The combo guard shoots the ball well set or off the bounce. He has good length, which helps him defensively, and a good basketball IQ. He’s a well-rounded player. Can be a PG when needed and create for his team, but also has the ability to score. We see offers coming his way very soon.

Amirion Joyce – 2020 G – Bourbon County (KY)
Amirion is a ball hawk + lock down defender.  He excels in transition where his athleticism allows him to play above the rim and will try and catch a body if contested. He loves to attack the basket and showed several times that he can finish through contact. His jumper still needs work, but there are not many holes in his game.

Ray Surratt – 2020 C – Lafayette (KY)
As always, Ray showed off his offensive skillset. The big man can knock down shots from the perimeter off the pick and pop with a good stroke. He has an effective post game and showed that he can finish over both shoulders with either hand at a high percentage. Ray passes well, alters shots in the paint, and runs the floor hard every possession. His skill level is so high that at times, his athleticism doesn’t matter.

Anthony Tabor – 2020 PG – Woodford County (KY)
Tabor is a tough guard that likes to attack off the dribble. He had somewhat of a quiet weekend until championship day when he took over and finished the championship game with 31 points, scoring in every way possible.  In high school ball he is a PG, but for this Magic team he accepts his role off the ball and takes full advantage of being able to score for his team. Not many kids are tougher than Anthony Tabor. He received Tournament MOP with his play for the weekend.

Lincoln Bush – 2020 PF – George Rogers Clark (KY)
Another tough kid in the paint, the lefty has a good post game with length and good size in the post. Bush is a dog in the low post and finishes well around the basket. He can stretch out the floor and knock down shots from 15-17 ft. He plays HARD and is a physical kid on both ends of the floor, if there is one kid that you’re no going to punk, it is Lincoln Bush. One of his best games of the weekend was against Team Xplosion (VA) where he had 27 points and 11 rebounds.

Naykwan Joyce – 2020 G – Bourbon County (KY)
A strong bully guard that finishes well in traffic, Naykwan Plays hard and locks down defensively. We lost count of the number of times he stripped players of the ball in the post, and he has some of the most active hands we have seen this spring.

Nakyir Joyce – 2020 PG – Bourbon County (KY)
The vocal leader of the team and a floor general, it’s nice to have kids like Nakyir that are like a coach on the floor. He is quick with the ball and makes plays for himself, but loves to set up his teammates. Known as a crafty finisher, he showed just that, making some impressive layups in traffic.

Logan Rose – 2020 Wing – Bourbon County (KY)
Rose is a strong bodied wing that was knocking down shots off the catch all weekend long. In the semifinal game, he got hot vs WKY vision and hit 4 3’s in the first half. He is a great rebounder for his size and finished this game with 19 points and 10 rebounds.

Ohio Players 17U (OH)

Mike Grant – 2020 Wing – Walnut Hills (OH)
Grant consistently showed his ability to score from the wing this weekend. He can get to the rack and finish at the rim when driving. Mike is a good defensive player, as well as having length and athleticism that will appeal to college coaches that see him.

Julian Mackey – 2021 SG – Lakota West (OH)
Julian was one of the best SG prospects in the entire event. He has extremely long arms and shot the lights out in every game we watched him. Mackey needs no room to get a confident shot off and can drain 3’s from all over the perimeter with deep range. Loves to take the big shots under pressure; however, he is not just a shooter, he utilized his pump fake and got places off the bounce to score as well. A very good defender that was clamping his man all weekend.

Mikel Clay – 2020 PF – Finneytown (OH)
Clay is a physical specimen that was stronger than anyone on the court, a beast on the boards,  and was effective in the low post. His physical presence was most appealing and he was a bully on both ends of the floor. He finished well around the basket.

Demetrius Watkins – 2020 Wing – West High (OH)
A strong wing that stays attacking the rim. He initiates contact when driving and gets to the FT line early and often. His impact on the game was in large due to his motor that did not stop. Watkins made several big plays in the championship game, including a nice drive and offhand layup with the foul to give them a late game lead. Contact does not bother him whatsoever.

Dakarion Branch – 2021 Wing – Western Hills (OH)
Another strong college bodied kid, Branch is hard to guard because he is so strong and controlled when attacking. We don’t think he even feels the contact when finishing because he is so strong. He showed us that he has a nice offensive game by not only attacking the basket, but knocked down many jumpers over the span of the event. Branch scored 20 points in 1 game and 10 points in championship where we honestly would’ve liked to see him try and score more because when he is aggressive, he can get stuff done.

WKY Vision 17U (KY)

Deljuan Johnson – 2020 Wing – Madisonville North-Hopkins (KY)
This swingman’s stock continues to rise as he had another productive weekend.  Johnson has good size and length for his position and has really come along offensively over the last year.  He is knocking down shots from 3, but is most effective when driving to the basket. He is a versatile defender that can guard all positions. He has a good motor, blocks shots, and rebounds. His ball handling continues to improve.

Dre Boyd – 2020 G – Warren Central (KY)
Dre has always been a favorite of ours with his high energy and athleticism that he brings to the court. He loves to get out in transition so he can show that he is a high-level athlete and tears the rim off.  His handles, vision, and passing ability is underrated and this year will be a breakout year for him as we expect him to dominate in HS ball.

Tre Minter – 2020 PG – Butler HS (KY)
A quick guard with handles that likes to get downhill and attack, attack, attack. He is a good scorer at the PG position that can shoot it and score from all over. Minter finishes very well in traffic for his size and loves to get out and run in transition. He is a tough kid that finishes with contact. Was very impressed with his play this weekend and he scored 20+ in every game he played, finishing as one of the top PG’s in the 17U division.

Cameron Underwood – 2020 SG/SF – Butler HS (KY)
Underwood is a junkyard dog with big time toughness and a good frame with long arms. He shoots it well and is a good athlete. Cameron can guard on the wing and his length, size and athleticism allows him to defend the post as well. Offensively he will post up smaller defenders with no hesitation. He does the dirty work for his team: crashes the glass, dives for loose balls, and anything else he can do with effort to give his team an advantage. 

Parker Rice – 2020 PF – Butler County (KY) 
Moves well for his size and he can make plays off the dribble surprisingly well. Rice is effective in the low post, but also can stretch the floor by facing up and making shots. The big fella has a good-looking stroke. 

Colton Fraley – 2020 PG – Pulaski County (KY)
A true PG that has the ball on a string and has a high IQ which shows when you watch him. He can knock down shots and doesn’t force the issue. Fraley is a shifty kid that uses a nice hesitation to get by his man. He has active hands defensively and is a nuisance on the ball.

Keyshawn Stone – 5’9 PG – Madisonville North Hopkins (KY)
Stone is a quick kid with the ball and has tight handles. He has a good-looking stroke and can make the defense pay when left open from 3.  He enjoys setting guys up when he attacks. Once in the paint, he reacts to the defense and makes a play for himself or teammates. This year will be his coming out party at Madisonville North-Hopkins and he has some good players on his team to rack up assists with.

CKY MAGIC - Atkins (KY)

Trent Moberly – 2020 Wing – Madison Southern (KY)
Trent is a versatile wing because he can be effective on the perimeter, but also be a bruiser in the post. His jump shot is much improved and he showed that he can make it rain from 3 this weekend. He’s a strong physical player that is not shy of contact and will finish through it when attacking the basket. 

Bilal Chhadh – 2020 PF – Frederick Douglass (KY)
Chhadh was a beast in the paint all weekend. He showed a plethora of post moves, and has good hands and a soft touch around the basket. Bilal plays extremely hard and leaves nothing out on the floor.

Trey Dawson – 2020 G – Danville HS (KY)
The Danville guard stayed in attack mode and got downhill with his quick first step to get the cup. Dawson made some tough, crafty finishes when getting into the lane in traffic. He shot the ball from the perimeter consistently as well. He is a good on ball defender that had multiple steals that led to points for his team.

Will Hairston – 2020 PG – Sayre (KY)
The Sayre PG has playmaker ability and can make shots with range. He isn’t the quickest player with the ball, but he is a savvy kid with a high IQ and understands angles.  He could look to score more because he is good at it, but overall, he had a solid weekend.

Jaden Henderson – 2020 PG (KY)
A quick PG that is a good leader on the court. Gets everyone involved and knocked down multiple 3’s when his team needed him most.


Rodrell Dryden – 2020 Wing/SF – Woodford County (KY)
A left handed small forward that continues to improve his game, Dryden is a big time athlete with great length. He is a good rebounder and shot blocker. His motor never stops and his offense has gotten better since the last time we saw him. He has always been able to score from mid-range and in, but this weekend he showed that he is a very capable shooter from 3.

Noah Back – 2019 SG – Perry County Central (KY)
Back is a 2019 SG that is still available surprisingly.  Noah is an absolute sniper with in the gym range and quick trigger. He needs no space at all to get his shot off and always burns the nets up. He is a tough kid that plays hard and if you are a college coach at the D2/NAIA level looking for a late quality add, look no further, Noah is your guy!

Nick Keeton – 2020 PF – Paintsville (KY)
Keeton is a man amongst men with his physical presence in the paint. He is a rebounding machine and was 6th overall in the state of Kentucky this past season in that category. He makes his living in the low post with a solid skillset down low and off put backs on offensive rebounds. Showed the ability to make jump shots from 10-15 ft. and moves well defensively showing he can defend kids on the wing and inside. Had one game this weekend with 16 points and 11 rebounds.

Charlotte Court (KY)

James Lindsay – 2020 PG – Bryan Station (KY)
The Bryan Station PG has great handles and gets end to end faster than anyone in the state of Kentucky. He is literally a 1-man press break. He can get into the paint whenever he wants and is extra shifty. A no brainer college PG that may only be 5’8 but will dunk on your head. One thing you cannot teach is how much dog is in a kid… James Lindsay is a straight dog. Went from unknown by our staff this weekend and will be ranked highly in the next update or our Kentucky 2020 rankings.

Taylor Spurlock – 2020 G/Wing – Harlan County (KY)
A long, lanky (6'6) combo guard that has a good offensive game. He has a good-looking jump shot and can create his shot off the bounce. He handles the ball well for his size and has a knack for getting his man off balance to get an open shot.

Brett Norvell – 2020 SG – South Laurel (KY)
A good size (6’5) shooting guard that has a pure stroke from 3. Norvell can create space for himself off the bounce. Showed us that he can get downhill and score when driving to the basket. He was one of the better scorers on this Charlotte Court team. 

Nathan Mack – 2020 Wing – Frederick Douglass (KY)
A lengthy forward that showed his versatility on both ends of the court this weekend. His length really bothers his opponents. He is effective when defending out on the wing and holding his own in the paint.  Offensively he will post up to score, but also knocked down 3’s with consistency.

Jaylen Barber –  2020 PF – Scott County (KY)
Lefty big man with size + length, he runs the floor hard from rim to rim. Barber is a good rebounder and a shot blocker; what he doesn’t block, he alters with his length.  He should have a good upcoming HS season at Scott County.

Chad Fugate – 2020 SG – Madison Southern (KY)
The Madison Southern SG is a knock down shooter that showed he can make shots from the outside and has a good pull up jumper from mid-range.

CKY Magic – Sparks (KY)

Jaheim Mullins – 2020 Wing/Forward – Tates Creek (KY)
A freakishly strong wing/forward with a college ready body that scored it well inside and surprisingly well from the wing.  He is a beast in the paint because he will simply overpower you with physicality, but when he stepped out and knocked down the 3 that’s when he really caught our attention. We look for this kid to be a force in the 11th region next year at Tates Creek.

Bluegrass Showtime (KY)

2020 PG – Cion Townsend – East Jessamine
A good point guard with handles and court vision, Cion is fast up the court with the ball. He can score it well, but got his teammates involved this weekend and has a quick first step that he uses to blow by his man. He is a strong kid that doesn’t mind contact. Townsend likes to play at a fast pace and push up tempo in transition which is fun to watch.

Kentucky Elite (KY)

Robert Avery – 2020 F – Liberty High School (KY)
This lefty is a freak athlete that gives you a little bit of everything on both sides of the ball. He plays above the rim and goes to work in the post. He can also knock down shots from midrange and the perimeter. Defensively he will lock down a wing, but also is a good post defender. In transition, he is a lob catching machine and you better not be in his way because he will dunk on you. He is a big-time rebounder and will lead a break after a board. Avery was by far the most athletic forward in this event.

Makhi White – 2021 G – Louisville Eastern (KY)
This lefty combo guard has a strong body and a good skill set to go with it. White can handle the ball and shoots it very good off the bounce. He is a knockdown shot on the catch and shoot from 3.  He is a natural scorer that moves around to get open off the ball and excels in transition.

James Taylor – 2020 PG – Pleasure Ridge Park (KY)
James is a shifty PG that found his teammates all weekend long. He is very quick and is one of the better passers we saw. He has a knack for getting into the paint and making plays for his teammates. Taylor can score it too, is a crafty finisher when he gets by his man, where he has a nice floater and a capable jump shot.

Hunter McCutcheon – 2020 SG – Elizabethtown (KY)
McCutcheon is a lights out shooter that you better not lose on the defensive end or he will make you pay. A true hand down man down type shooter. If he sees any space at all he is going to shoot the ball and there is a high chance that it is going in. This kid can get hot and score in bunches when he gets going. Has unlimited range on his jumper.

Sebian Dillard – 2020 G – St. Xavier (KY)
A long lefty wing that is a good athlete.  He can really score it. Dillard is an excellent defender that has active hands and rebounds well for his position. Was passive at times this weekend, but when he wanted to go and get points he did so. Dillard was the 2nd leading scorer in Louisville this past HS season and we are confident that he will continue to improve as a senior

Iam3rd Ice – BLUE (KY)

Braden Sebastian – 2020 SG – Garrard County (KY)
At 6’3, this shooting guard can score at all 3 levels. He shoots the ball well from 3 and a has great mechanics. He steps into his shot and shoots with confidence. Braden has a good midrange game and elevates on his jumper which is going to help him a lot at the next level. He can put it on the floor to score as well. Needs no help to score as he creates for himself consistently. Has really raised his stock and will move up in our new updated rankings.

Alex Schalch – 2020 PF – Mason County (KY)
Alex is a strong, low post, space eater in the paint. Makes his presence known in the paint with his strength and skill close to the basket. He has great hands and a soft touch around the rim. Schalch dominated the paint in multiple games scoring 20+ in 1 game we watched against a very athletic team with size. At 6’5, he should dominate at Mason County this upcoming season and we will be keeping an eye on him from here on out.

Marquise Mackey – 2020 PG – Henry Clay (KY)
Mackey is a strong PG that looks to get downhill and attack the basket. He showed his vision this weekend and had several assists while doing so. He has a good supporting cast of scorers on this ICE team. He understands that he doesn’t always need to score to win and he took full advantage that, creating opportunities for his guys.

1 Vision Academy (KY/OH)

Mason Rusch – 2020 PG – Calvary Christian School (KY)
This young man was the heartbeat of his squad. He was the lead guard and ran his team well. He is a tough lefty that continues to get to his spots going left even when the opposing coach is trying to get his team to sit on his left hand. Rusch never got sped up or rattled, played at his own pace the entire game, and created open looks for all including himself. He is a tough assignment to cover because he also shoots the ball well. He has a very nice pull-up off the bounce and changes speed and direction.

Matt Adkins – 2020 PG – Cincinnati Country Day (OH)
A thin athletic lead guard with good vision and creating ability. He was playing the combo spot, but he didn’t hesitate to use his skills to drive and kick to the open man. The two most impressive things about him was his ability to shoot the ball and his energy on defense. We watched him make 9 of 11 threes in two games. He has good athleticism and attempted to dunk on someone in the second game we watched, to go along with his other skills.

Luke Dawalt – 2020 PF – Grant County (KY)
A fierce competitor, tough kid, and thrives when the game becomes more physical. He understands how to use his size against smaller guards in the post, and he will take bigger defenders out around the perimeter and make them guard him off the bounce. He has a nice stroke and good form on his jump shot and it goes in consistently. Luke showed that he is a mismatch on the court at the Forward position with the skills that he possesses.

Iam3rd Ice - WHITE (KY)

Neil Baker – 5’8 PG Scott County (KY)
Baker is a leader, a floor general, and had a terrific spring. Short, but strong. Stocky, but quick with the ball and has it on a string. When his team needs a bucket, Baker is the guy to take over and go get it. He has a knack for getting into the lane and finishing at the basket. However, his 3 ball is something that I would like to see get better. Overall, Neil is a good PG that is going to run the show and get everyone involved.

Jaylen Green – 2020 G – Frederick Douglass (KY)
Green was getting buckets this weekend and does so by driving and attacking the basket. He had two dunks in the game we watched, showing off his athleticism.  Defensively, he is very active and is tough to get by. Really liked his toughness.

Team Xplosion (VA)

Brandon Dean – 2020 G – Gate City (VA)
Not just a good shooter, but a good all-around scorer. He shoots it with high confidence and has the green light to shoot from wherever he wants, which he did effectively. Dean used a nice hesitation and ball fake to get by his man multiple time and was scoring the ball when driving. Dean can handle it well and got by his man going left or right and finishing with either hand. Dean is a good college prospect for Team Xplosion.

16U Division

Mauldin CPA Longhorns (SC) – 10th Grade Champions

Jameson Tucker – 2021 PG – Mauldin (SC)
Jameson Tucker was the best 2021 PG prospect in this event. At 6’3 he has good size for his position and he is a sure fire D1 college prospect. With tight handles and the speed to blow by his man, he was a tough matchup for anyone to defend. Scored from all 3 levels and knocked down jumpers from all over. He had countless tough finishes at the rim on the drive and comfortably finished with either hand in traffic. Tucker had multiple deflections with his active hands and simply does everything well on the court. One of our favorite players in the event.

James Cooper – 2021 F – Mauldin (SC)
Cooper is a lanky, wiry Forward, with high level athleticism. He is legit 6’7 and can go to work in the paint or will face up and knock down a jump shot.  A shot blocker with great timing and used his athleticism to grab any rebound that was in his vicinity. You do not want to be in this kids’ way or you may end up on a poster. Lob catcher in transition that loves to play above the rim.

Ashton Williams – 2021 Wing/SF – Mauldin (SC)
Another wiry SF with pogo stick bounce. Not a great shooter, but that isn’t his game. He is a slasher that plays above the rim and finishes it in transition. Can get by his man off the dribble and will dunk anything close. Williams has a high motor and is great on the defensive end of the floor.

Cincinatti AOP (OH)

Montel Ware – 2021 PG (OH)
One of the quickest kids in the event. Nobody could stay in front of him on defense. He is a shifty kid with tight handles and blew by his man constantly. A PG that not only facilitated, but got buckets at a high level. He can finish in traffic and shoots the ball well from the outside. Scored 23 points in the game we watched and could have scored plenty more, but was making plays for others as well.

Charlotte Court – Smith (KY)

Skyler Riley – 2021 PG – Bryan Station (KY)
A big strong kid that plays PG and bullies his way to the basket, Skyler has good court vision and a solid handle to go along with it. He has playmaker ability and is a good scorer. This young man needs to get his body in better shape and if he can do so he has a future in basketball.

WKY Elite (KY)

Jax Cooper – 2021 G – Allen County (KY)
Cooper was a surprise for us because he just did his job and it wasn’t flashy. He was always where the ball was going to be when it came off the rim, or if he has a teammate slashing to the basket. He was a physical rebounder for a guard and liked to play around the block. He has a solid mid-range game and shot the 3 ball well. I saw him finish with 21 points where he scored it from all three levels. The only disappointment was that his teammates didn’t find him more when he had the hot hand.

CKY Magic – Chapman (KY)

Jackson Grau – 2021 SG – Sayre (KY)
Grau was lighting it up from deep when we watched him on the opening night of the event. The 6’2 lefty shooting guard hit five 3’s in the first game including a huge 3 in clutch time. His 19 points helped his team get the win over a good team in 1 vision academy.  Was very impressed with Grau’s confidence offensively. He needs to get stronger if he wants to play college ball, but there is no denying his skill level.

Elijah Carter – 2021 PF – Sayre (KY)
A left handed, strong, big body power forward.  Elijah had no problem bullying everyone in the paint in the game we watched. He was dominating the paint the entire game and does all his work in the low post. Carter was simply too strong for them to handle and showed that he has a nice touch around the basket.  Most importantly, he knocked down clutch FT’s in crunch time to help his team seal the victory.

1 Vision Academy (KY/OH)

Justin Lovette – 2022 PG – La Salle (OH)
This point guard has good size, length, and will continue to grow. He is sneaky athletic, deceptively quick, and handles the ball at a high level. Justin sets the tone of the game with his play. He has crazy court vision which and sets up teammates all game long. With his scoring ability, he can take over a game, but is a very unselfish player. It seemed like he got into the paint at will and continuously made the right plays. Great defender. The best 2022 PG that we saw all weekend, no question about it.

Parker Fields – 2022 G – Boone County
This guard was always around the ball it seemed. He is always in the right place for a rebound and will get on the floor for loose balls. He plays hard and is a skilled kid which showed when he was finishing in traffic with his off hand. Fields scores it well from midrange and in transition. He can shoot the ball with range and can attacks while finishing at a high rate. He is a kid that may not look the part, but is skilled and he is all that and more when you watch him hoop.

Dane Hegyi – 2020 PF – Campbell County
The Campbell County forward gave consistent production in the paint on both ends of the floor. He has a good offensive game in the post that is effective and defensively he rebounds and blocks shots. Hegyi runs rim to rim on a straight line and understands his role as a big man.

15U Division

Team Rize (KY)

Trent Edwards – 2022 G/Wing – George Rogers Clark
6’3 with extra-long arms, big feet, and you can tell he is nowhere near done growing. Edwards was one of the most intriguing prospects that I saw this weekend. Super skilled and truly scores from all 3 levels.  Has good handles for his length and a smooth stroke. He scored 28 points in the game we watched and did it in every way possible. Trent Edwards is going to be a top kid in the state of Kentucky when it is all said and done. His potential and upside is through the roof.

WKY Vision 15U (KY/TN)

2022 F – Isiah Kendrell – Kenwood HS (TN)
The lefty was a high motor, super athletic forward that is a junkyard dog for his team. He gets all the dirty work done. Rebounds everything, blocks shots, runs the floor hard, defends multiple positions, and finishes above the rim in transition. He showed the ability to knock down jumpers from 15 ft., but gets most of his points in the post or on put back off offensive boards. Right now, he is a defensive specialist, but if he can work hard on his game, he will be a promising prospect in the future.

Jaheim Berry – 2022 PG – Clarksville HS (TN)
A skilled PG that has good handles and can run the show, but also can play off the ball. He is forced to play off the ball more for this team because he plays with a good PG that is much smaller.  Although, we would have liked to see him play more with the ball in his hands, he still had a productive scoring weekend from the wing showing that he can knock down shots when given any space.

Kemari McIntosh – 2022 PG – Kenwood HS (TN)
A small PG with tight handles, quick first step, toughness, and a lot of heart. Surprisingly effective at his size. The little PG was not afraid to go and get a bucket this weekend. He has a good floater, which he needs in his game, but is a lights out shooter from 3 with crazy range. McIntosh does not get sped up and he controlled the tempo of the game while getting everyone involved.

Emerge Elite (OH)

Landyn Henry – 2022 SG – Troy HS (OH)
Good size for the young combo guard. A highly fundamental kid that doesn’t force anything. He lets the offense come to him and was effective in doing so. Got to the rack whenever he wanted and had multiple and 1’s finishing after the contact.  A good catch and shoot kid that you cannot leave open.

Jamel Smith – 2022 PG –
A natural scoring PG that scored from everywhere. Has a nice jumper and showed that he can step back off the bounce and knock it down after creating space. Knew where his teammates were on the drives and found them when the defense helped off.

Team Xplosion (VA)

Siler Watson – 2022 G – Fort Chiswell (VA)
Watson was an absolute bucket. He made shots from all over the court. He was scoring on catch and shoots from short and long range. He’s an excellent slasher, transition finisher, and makes his free throws. We came away very impressed with his grit and performance; we hope he continues to play like this going forward. If he does, he will make a good college prospect in the future.

WV Mpact (WV)

Chandler Schmidt – 2022 PG – Cabell Midland (WV)
A strong stocky PG that is extra shifty. He is a kid that will sauce anyone up that is trying to guard him. Has an And-1 mixtape style of play because he is so skilled and crafty with the ball. A highlight type PG with excellent vision and passing ability. Schmidt is a strong kid that doesn’t shy away from contact, in fact he goes right at the contact and can finish afterwards. He makes tough shots, layups, and has a great floater with touch. The PG has a nice stroke from 3 to go along with everything else he has in his bag.  A tough matchup for anyone to take on defensively.

Colby Fugate – 2022 SG – Paintsville (KY)
Fugate is a big-time shooter with nice mechanics to go along with size and length at his position. A smooth offensive game and he gets it done from all over. Consistently got by his man to go and get a bucket and finished strong at the rim. He can kill you from the midrange and defends out on the wing. We were very impressed with Colby Fugate this weekend. He is a top 2022 prospect in the state of Kentucky.

Darius Dawson – 2022 G – South Charleston (WV)
A good-looking prospect at the SG position. Scores it in a variety of ways. Can get to the cup off the bounce, while he also has a great shot from the perimeter. Dawson is quick laterally and showed that he is can defend well at his position. He is a name to know and someone we will continue to track in West Virginia.

Debaba Tshiebwe - 2023 C

The younger brother of McDonald's All-American and WVU signee Oscar Tshiebwe. Debaba is a physical specimen just like his brother was at a young age. He didn't have the greatest weekend offensively, but he showed that he is monster on the glass and will alter shots. The big man runs the floor well and has a high ceiling with his potential. He is still raw and working on his game, but as a 2023, we know that soon he will be a beast and a force to be reckoned with. 

WKY Elite 15 U

Jaiden Lawrence – 2022 PG – Warren Central
Lawrence is another kid that grabbed our attention quickly. He is a kid that has a chance to grow a lot and you can tell with his length. A baller that runs his team, yet is a natural scorer with a smooth game and some serious swag. He has a high level offensive game and excels in transition. Scores it from all over and has a beautiful stroke from the perimeter. A 2022 with some serious potential in the western part of Kentucky.

Aaron Moore – 2022 Wing - Galilean Christian (KY) 
Aaron is an absolute warrior that plays harder than anyone that we watched all weekend. He has some serious dog in him and is tough as nails. Moore impacted the game in so many ways with his energy and effort. He helped his team win a close game over WV Mpact and finished the game with 26 points. Multiple and 1’s and a couple of 3’s along with a ton of rebounds. 

BMaze Elite - WHITE (TN) – 9th Grade Champions

Jakobi Gillespie – 2022 PG – Greenville HS (TN)
This PG had some serious clamps on defense. He caused multiple turnovers throughout the game that led to points in transition. Gillespie has tight handles, a deadly midrange game, and can shoot the 3 ball. The team leader on the court and he sets the tone with his play. When he is playing well, his team is playing well. He played well all weekend and helped lead his team to a championship.

Jackson Garner – 2022 SG – Clinton HS (TN)
A sniper with range that made shots from all around the perimeter. Once he gets hot you better not give him any space. Garner can kill a team’s momentum with his shot.

Reid Satterfield – 2022 Wing – Greenville HS (TN)
This wing can play inside and out on both ends of the floor. Constantly crashed the boards and got multiple put backs on the offensive glass.  Satterfield gives consistent effort and scoring throughout the game. Defends multiple positions.  


Bryce Riley – 2022 Wing – Nelson County (KY)
Rylee has really evolved as a scorer. He is getting consistent from 12-15 ft. and this is added to the fact he is a bruiser in the paint. He’s starting to step out a little more with his game as well. He made a couple long balls, which is good because he’s 6’3 and will need to transition into a guard unless he can get to 6’6+. Either way, his motor runs on high and he will be effective on any team.

Clay Sizemore – 2022 – North Laurel (KY)
Always one of the best shooters in the gym. Opposing teams sleep on this kid and he makes them pay brutally. One game he did so as he torched a Memphis AAU team by giving them 26 points. He had four 3 pointers and hit 10+ free throws showing that he knows how to draw contact and get to the line where he is deadly.  Sizemore is a smart, crafty player that is fun to watch.

Andrew Floyd – 2022 SG – Raceland (KY)
A good scorer from the eastern part of KY. Floyd is a good size SG that scores inside and out. He has a good shot, but can score it by driving to the basket as well. He is a good defender and a good rebounder for the guard spot.

BG Elite (KY)

Charqwan “Qwanie” McCallister – 2022 PG –  Murray
Qwanie came out of nowhere in the second half of the game I saw him. He was quiet in the first half, but completely took the game over and willed his team to a win. He played with a chip on his shoulder, and his teammates fed off it. He was creating havoc in the press running through passing lanes and getting steals, playing up under his opponent on offense smother him defensively. In the half court, he went 4 of 4 from three and made some big time plays for his teammates. Once he got going, McCallister was the best player on the floor, hands down.

14U Division

WV Mpact (WV)

Daniel Ntambwe - 2023 Wing 

Daniel is continuing the strong bloodlines of older brother Jonathan Kuminga who is top 5 in the country in 2021 class. Ntambwe plays with poise and confidence. A very athletic wing that has an aggressive mentality and had multiple rim rocking dunks. He defended and rebounded well against bigger opponents. Overall, he showcased that he has the potential to effect the game in a major way on both sides of the court. 

Adair County Indians (KY)

Colton Feese – 2023 G – Adair County (KY)
A combo guard that is a strong kid for a 2023. When Feese is running the 1 he showed that he has good vision and threaded the needle on multiple passes to cutters. He can score it and knocks down 3 ball with consistency. Colton is a tough kid that defends and plays hard the entire game.

JB Piatt – 2023 Wing/Forward – Adair County (KY)
Piatt is a nice size kid that has guard skills, but plays forward mostly for his aau team. He scored it and from all over. Piatt can go to work out of the high post with a good face up game because he shoots it well. When facing up, he can put it on the floor and get to the basket. The versatile forward has a solid overall game. He rebounds and plays hard.

Nelson County Hot Shots (KY)

Kevin Vancleave – 2023 G – Thomas Nelson (KY)
This PG can do a little bit of everything and was another 2023 with good size for his age. Vancleave can handle it and gets where he wants when he wants. Pulled up DEEP multiple times showing that he has insane range on his jump shot and is not just a catch and shoot kid. A shifty PG that can get to the rack and scores it from anywhere it seems. Defends and rebounds. A promising 2023 kid for the state of KY


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