The Journey 16U

2021 SG Luke Conger – Tennessee Kings 16U
One of the better shooters in the entire event. If he had any opening on the catch and shoot then he was cashing them in more times than not. Would love to see him expand his game and be more effective off the bounce which he is working on.  

2021 PG Darrow Parrish – Tennessee Kings 16U
A heady player that understands how to play off pick and roll situations. Finds open teammates with his vision and passing. Knocks down open shots and left everything on the court each game.

2021 G Trey Stone – Louisville Elite 16U
Stone is at his best when he stays in attack mode. He is relentless at getting to the paint and finishing at the rim. A long wing who is going to be a problem in the future. We are anxious to see how he progresses.

2021 G Sam Conley – Louisville Prospects 16U
He did it all throughout the weekend for his team. At times, it was Sam Conley show, which is fun to watch when he is on. Was one of the top prospects at the tournament with his consistent offensive production and leadership.  Sam Conley is a natural scorer, a good athlete, and a gamer. Nobody is going to show this kid up, he just simply won’t let it happen.

2021 SF/W Alex Anderson – Team Thad 16U
A 6’6 wing that bring a lot of energy when he is on the court. Shoots the ball and drives well. Can play multiple positions offensively because he is skilled and has a good handle for his size. Defends multiple positions.

2021 CG Cameron Jones – Team Thad 16U
One of the best shooters in the state of Tennessee, if not the best. A shifty combo guard that seems to be able to get his shot off against anyone defending him. At 6’2, he is a true combo that can be effective and impact the game both on and off the ball. 

2021 G/W Jalen Macon – Team Thad 16U
A 6’5 do it all player that can play the 1-3. A natural leader and he shows it on the court vocally. Good decision maker that rarely makes the wrong play. A good 3 ball shooter, but prefers to drive the ball and attack the rim off the dribble.

2021 G Isaiah Jones – Team Thad 16U
Jones showed off his athleticism in transition with multiple dunks this weekend. Not only a dunker though, he has a smooth jump shot off the bounce and at 6’6 now, not sure if he is done growing. He played hard in every game we watched and was a defensive nuisance along with a high energy rebounder.

2021 PF Cearius “King” Warren – Team Thad 16U
King Warren, younger brother of Chane Behanan, was the most athletic 16U player in the building. At 6’7 and with his bounce, he is a tough kid to stop in the paint. If he gets out in transition you better not try and block him or you will be on a poster. Warren shows that he will protect the paint at all cost with his shot blocking ability. Offensively, he needs to continue to work on his face-up game, but he is a special prospect in the state of KY with a ton of potential and upside.

2021 PG Derrick Fountain – Team Thad 16U
Last year Fountain was a 6’1 PG, now he is a 6’6 PG and is a problem. This young man is versatile on both ends of the court, but is best when running the show offensively. Fountain can defend multiple positions, rebounds well, and gets the ball up the court quick with excellent court vision in transition. HM’s will be all over this kid when they see him this AAU season. It’s not every day you get to see a 6’6 kid that is a legitimate PG prospect.

2021 G DeAjuan Stepp – Charlotte Court 16U
Stepp showed off his talent again this weekend. He is a long wing with skills of a PG that doesn’t mind playing off the ball when he has too, but he is most effective in our opinion when he is making plays with the ball in his hands. This wiry guard consistently makes plays and has incorporated a nice euro step which he showed off in transition throughout the weekend, along with finishing well in traffic. The one thing he needs to improve is his jump shot from the perimeter and with his work ethic we believe that he can get it done. Only time will tell, but a promising D1 prospect.  

2021 WF Dez Lindsay – Louisville Elite 16U
One of our favorite finds for the weekend, Lindsay showed that he is one of the best 2021 players in the state of Kentucky. He showed the ability to slash to the rim, but needs to become a more consistent finisher which should happen as he gets older and more reps. What really stood out was his passing ability, hitting many tough passes for 3 after drawing the defense on drives. We look forward to seeing him more in the future.

2021 G Darrius Davis – Wildcats Select 16U
The hard driving lefty plays with 110% effort on both ends of the floor. He’s built like a football player but is surprisingly quick and hard to stay in front of in transition. He uses his size and athleticism to get to the rim and finish. He’s also a good defender and knows how to pressure his man in the halfcourt. Expect him to have a big AAU season.

2021 WF Chrishawn Christmas – Wildcats Select 16U
It was nice getting to see this wing in an expanded role for his AAU team. Chrishawn is a super bouncy wing that plays above the rim. He is a good finisher when he gets to the cup and is a capable shooter from deep. His best basketball is still ahead of him and as he continues to develop, college coaches will come in flocks to see him.

2021 SG Scotty Draud – MATTS Mustangs 16U
At 6’5, he is a dangerous threat on the offensive side of the ball. He can knock down a consistent 3 ball on the catch or off the bounce. His mid-range game is consistent, and he has added a post-up game when smaller guards are defending him. Draud is solid on the defensive end as well, but it’s nothing for him to go for 5 or more threes in a game, and then take you off the bounce when you run him off the line. If he buys in to the weight room like he’s bought into his skills training, Scotty is going to be a no brainer high level shooting prospect.

2021 G Ben Johnson – MATTS Mustangs 16U
Johnson is a knock down catch n shoot player that can also create off the bounce. Ben plays with good energy on both sides of the ball. He also plays with some edge and toughness that coaches will love. Along with his ability to score points, he has good ball awareness and a high I.Q. for the game as a whole.

2021 G/W Isaiah Mason – Manimal Elite 16U
Mason has now grown to 6’5 and is a long athletic guard/wing prospect that works hard and has developed his game a ton since we last saw him. He is now a threat to score at any moment. Isaiah has figured out how to use his length on the defensive end to disrupt passing lanes, get steals, and crash the boards to become a good rebounding guard. His handle has got to a point he can now go by defenders off the bounce and get in the land or to the rim, and when defenders play him for the drive he is knocking down the outside shot with better consistency.

2021 CG Deshawn Jackson – Manimal Elite 16U
A nice combo guard that plays in attack mode, and finds himself in the painted area a lot where he uses his ball skills to make passes to open teammates, or score the ball using mid-range jumpers or floaters. Shooting the outside shot is a part of his game that is consistent enough to keep the defense honest, and allows him to have space to play.  Jackson is very active on the defensive side of the ball, and causes deflections and turnovers that lead to transition points. He is a good teammate, and a very coachable kid.

2021 G/W Anthony “Rooster” Woodard – Manimal Elite 16U
Woodard is a junk yard dog. He is a ball hawk on the defensive end, he plays with a ton of energy, and loves to get run outs so he can dunk the ball. He will dive on the floor for loose balls, and take charges. His outside shot is still a work in progress, but he can make open ones. He is a natural slasher, and is very aggressive playing toward the basket. Rooster is very edgy, but has a killer instinct. This young man hates to lose, and it shows in how hard he plays.