The Journey 17U

2020 F Obinna Anochili-Killen – Wildcats Select 17U
Without a doubt, Obinna had one of the best weekends of any kid in the event and had a dominate offensive performance in a win during the game of the weekend versus a talented GA Stars 2021 team. He was simply unguardable at times, showing off a much higher skill level than he got to show with his high school squad. He nailed jumpers from the elbow and out to 3, put the ball on the floor and attacked, and finished at the rim in transition. He moves so well for a big man and, despite getting caught out of place at times, is a good shot blocker. He is going to get recruited by a lot of high majors during what should be a breakout spring for him on the circuit.

2020 PG Dayvion McKnight – MATTS Mustangs 17U
Played very well versus a loaded Team Thad 17U program, showing that he can compete and be effective against the highest level of talent. At 6’1 with a 6’6 wingspan, this lefty PG has the intangibles that will attract High Major coaches. McKnight is a one man press breaker with a high IQ and crazy court vision. He seems to always have a feel and know where his teammates are on the court. This kid controls the tempo of a game and is a setup guy that creates open shots for teammates with his penetration. McKnight can always get two feet into the paint when he wants which makes him highly effective. One of the best rebounding PG’s we have ever watched and he continues to get better. He is a very capable shooter from the perimeter, however, that is the one are that he needs to continue to improve to solidify his spot at a HM program.

2020 PG Isaiah Alexander – Manimal Elite EKY 17U
Another top shooter at the event and was rated as one of the best shooters in the state of Kentucky. Once he gets going, it is hard to stop this kid. Knocked down open shots all weekend and showed his high basketball IQ.

2020 G Brendan Sebastian – Iam3rd ICE 17U
A good sized guard that is skilled offensively and scores the ball well. Sebastian can take you off the bounce or catch and shoot with little space and a quick release. The Garrard Co. guard has been putting up big time numbers in HS with multiple 50 point games this season. We are looking forward to seeing him more this AAU season because he is one of the sleeper prospects in the state.

2020 PG Neil Baker – Iam3rd ICE 17U
Baker showed that he is not just a PG that can find open teammates and create for others. This PG is strong physically and finished well when on the drive while finishing with and through contact several times.  This young man led his team in assists and points in the win over a good team in MATTS Mustangs team which opened the eyes of the scouts watching him. 

2020 SG Marcellus Vail – MATTS Mustangs 17U
A top catch and shoot guy in the state of Kentucky. If you give him any space then he can kill you as he shoots the ball from the perimeter at a high percentage with consistency. Vail showed that he is not just a set shot this weekend though, as he created off the bounce to make plays.

2020 SF Kenny White – Manimal Elite 17U
A 6’7 skilled SF/Wing that can shoot the ball from 3 and has a nice pull up mid-range jump shot. Another kid that is versatile on defense guarding different positions when needed. His length causes problems for opponents and he rebounds well when he is locked in and playing hard. White has a lot of upside and potential. We hope that his game continues to improve because he has all of the intangibles to be a high level prospect.

2020 PF Ksaun Casey – Manimal Elite 17U
At 6’8 with a big body, Casey showed that he can be a bruiser in the paint. The big fella rebounds, has good hands, footwork, and a soft touch. He needs to keep working on his body and getting into the best shape possible before college and his stock will continue to rise as he does so. Casey is very strong and can overpower opponents on the block, with the skill to finish over both shoulders.

2020 PF Jackson Ames – Manimal Elite 17U
The Ohio native seems to have grown since we saw him last and stands about 6’10-6’11 now.  A strong kid with a college ready frame that can run the floor and stay on the floor in a faster paced game.  Ames was a force in the low post when and was effective when he got his touches. Would love to see him get the ball more because he seems to make things happen and doesn’t force the issue. A good passer for his size, shot blocker, and rebounds at a high level.  Plays hard and is a tough kid.

2020 F Sam Bearden – Louisville Prospects 17U
Bearden impressed with his ability to score well in the post, but also displayed a smooth stroke from the mid-range. When the offense got stagnant it seemed it was Bearden that would make a play to get his team rolling again. Sam plays hard and plays bigger than he is.

2020 F Terrin Hamilton – MATTS Mustangs 17U
This 6’7 SF has really come along with his skill level, which shows he has been working hard to improve.  Hamilton has become a knockdown shooter and a good defender. He has the ability to be a monster on the boards, but we haven’t seen him fully get there yet.

2020 F Zondrick Garrett – Team Thad 17U
A skilled post player that can stretch the floor with his jumper. He is a mismatch offensively as he showed taking other bigs off the bounce. Garrett was rebounding his butt off all weekend and has good timing when blocking shots. Runs the floor hard and can catch and finish in transition.

2020 G Matthew Murrell – Team Thad 17U
One of the most explosive athletes in the country. He was the fan favorite kid to watch all weekend overall. Murrell played at a high level on the defensive end of the floor and showed that he can score at all 3 levels. This kid can really go and is a walking highlight with a motor that doesn’t stop. Currently has 9 D1 offers and will soon be a top guard in the country.

2020 SF Cameron “Mook” Matthews – Team Thad 17U
Mook was an absolute monster this weekend. When he dunks, you feel bad for the rim.  Hands down the strongest kid in the gym and with skill. Matthews is a versatile defender and is a lockdown guy on the perimeter, yet strong enough to guard bigs in the paint.  Any coach would love to have this kid because he brings so much positive energy and has a high motor. He was one of the fan favorites at the journey and will rack up offers on the UAA circuit.

2020 PG Jordan Rawls – Team Thad 17U
An athletic PG with a lot of skill and a good-looking jumper from the perimeter. Not only is he a set shot, but shoots it at a high level off the bounce as well. Plays well off a ball screen and makes great reads. He’s quick off the dribble and seems to be able to get by his man whenever he wants. We expect his recruitment to skyrocket during this AAU season being on the UAA circuit.

2020 PF Jonathan DeJurnett – Team Thad 17U
A long PF that has high level athleticism and dunks anything close. Jonathan is effective in the post and is a rebound machine. Defensively he causes a ton of problems with his bounce and length.  Would love to see his face up game develop more, but for now he owns his game and is an impact player when on the floor.  

2020 PG Detrick Reeves Jr. – Team Thad 17U
A fun kid to watch play because he always has a smile on his face after blowing by his man and making plays. Reeves is a good passer, shooter, and a lockdown defender. With only MM offers as of now, we predict that will change this AAU season because this kid can go.

2020 G Amirion Joyce - CKY Magic 17U
Joyce is a strong, athletic, slashing guard that can float in the lane and finish in traffic. Scoring is his thing and he does it well. Amirion is tough to stay in front of and he is a natural scorer. Keep an eye on Joyce because he is a sleeper and is going to get some attention this AAU season. He is tough as nails and a bucket getter, what’s not to like about that?

2020 PG Tyren Moore - Team Manimal 17U
The stocky PG from Louisville Male never ceases to amaze us with his confidence, competitiveness and ability to knock down clutch shots regularly.  Moore makes up for his lack of athleticism with a sheer will and determination to not only win but put up big numbers in the process. With 3 pt. range extending out to 30 ft Moore is a difficult defensive assignment for opposing guards and is one of the top shooters in the 2020 KY class.

2020 C Ray Surratt - CKY Magic 17U
Legit 6’10 and skilled in the post. Although his mobility isn’t the best, he makes up for it with his high skill level and can score from inside/out. A perfect pick and pop big man and will kill you from 3 if you give him the chance. Rebounds well and blocks shots. Has good touch in the post and finishes well with his off hand. Passes at a high level out of the post.

2020 PG Amari Taylor - CKY Magic 17U
A prospect that we feel is starting to blossom and can be even better than he has shown us.  Taylor is a lengthy PG that can get by his man when he wants and make a play.  We feel he needs to be more aggressive offensively and stay attacking. At times, he can be too passive, but the talent is there and if he CAN be more aggressive then he will catch the eyes of college coaches.  Amari can shoot it from 3, has a nice floater, excellent vision, and is a crafty finisher. A very unselfish PG that we feel will have a big AAU season.

2020 G Marques Warrick – Manimal Elite 17U
A lefty guard that can impact the game offensively off the bounce. He likes to take his man to the rack and has a smooth mid-range game.  His handles need some tightening and if he can tighten them he will be a real problem offensively. Defensively he bothers guards with his length, has active hands, and rebounds well for position.

2020 C Zach Loveday – Wildcats Select 17U
Regarded as one of the best bigs in the country and perhaps the one with the highest skill level, Zach looks his best when placed around talented players so he can show off his high level passing ability. The 3 point shot has really improved and he can consistently make from anywhere on the perimeter. He is only going to get better as he gets stronger and is going to be a valuable piece for whatever school lands his commitment. Most of the Big Ten and other high major schools are recruiting him hard.

2020 W Jalen Bridges – Wildcats Selects 17U
The West Virginia state player of the year is going to play this spring on the circuit with the Wildcats and then make a decision on whether he will enroll in college in the fall or reclassify to 2020 and commit to a prep school. He came out strong and showed why he is going to be a contributor at the high major level as a versatile defender and a knockdown shooter. He has really filled out his frame over the last year and has worked on adding the ability to attack the basket. He can guard 1-4 and will both get steals and blocks.

2020 WF Donovan Johnson – Wildcats Select 17U
The younger bro of UNC senior Cameron Johnson, you won’t find it much of a shocker to see Donovan plays just like him. The southpaw is super effective running the baseline for easy jumpers and post-ups. He scores in bunches and can hit a jumper from anywhere on the floor. Puff is a methodical, effective half court scorer and just recently was offered by Arizona.

2022 C Jerome Baaya – Wildcats Select 17U
For only playing basketball a little less than a year, Jerome is a heck of a prospect for a freshman playing up 2 age groups. He is incredibly raw on both ends of the floor but possesses incredibly explosiveness and a quick second jump. He finishes everything around the rim with a dunk and can be effective blocking shots but can get out of position easily. He’s only scratching the surface of what he is going to be.

2021 C Frank Anselam  - Georgia Stars 2021
This big fella is already looking like a college freshman and, despite being raw offensively, impacts winning on the defensive end of the floor. He is a very good shot blocker and runs the floor well. He rebounds on both ends and can finish around the basket. A handful of SEC programs have already offered him and it looks like he’ll be a high level big man recruit.

2021 PG AJ White – Georgia Stars 2021
One of the toughest players we saw all weekend, this little guard can fill it up. He made a ton of tough shots against a good Wildcats Select team and was really hard to stay in front of. He is lethal from 3 and plays the game with good pace. Despite his size, he really gets after it on the defensive end. He will rack up some offers as the floor general for a talented 16U Nike squad.

2021 C Lynn Kidd – Georgia Stars 2021
In terms of the combination of long-term upside and production, there was not a better prospect all weekend at the Journey. Kidd is still growing into his body but his frame is excellent and he moves well for his size. He’s already got a high skill level and showed the ability to pick and pop out to the 3 point line. He is seen as one of the top 30 players in his class nationally and as he grows into his body and continues to develop, could make a push to be a 5-star player.

2021 Quincy Ademokoya - Georgia Stars
A 6’6 wing who is deadly from behind the arc, Ademokoya was one of the top performers in the tourney. With his size and range from long distance it is tough to run Ademokoya off the 3pt. line and if you do he can put it on the floor and finish in the paint. Ademokoya is a can’t miss high major prospect who could develop into pro if his defense catches up to his offense.